Uncategorized February 13, 2014

Why use a Windermere agent?

What’s one thing that sets Windermere agents apart from the general population of real estate agents? For one thing, all Windermere agents follow the National Association of REALTORS® strict code of ethics that is based in professionalism and consumer protection.

To further reinforce our commitment to clients, Windermere has built upon the REALTOR® Code of Ethics by establishing what we call our Windermere Standards of Practice. Within these Standards of Practice is an outline of how we believe clients deserve and expect to be treated. It is intended to provide total transparency about how we do business, while letting clients know that Windermere agents hold themselves to an even higher level of competence and accountability.

Our commitment to these standards is part of what sets us as Windermere agents apart and guides our daily activities. It draws a clear picture of our culture and what our clients, colleagues, and community can expect from us. In turn, we trust this translates into a more satisfying real estate experience and peace-of-mind for our clients, knowing that doing right by them is our highest priority.

That's just one reason we choose to be Windermere agents – because we know that following these standards is a benefit to our clients and it meshes with our personal beliefs. It's just how we roll!