Uncategorized Looking for a home under $500,000 on the Eastside? Looking for an affordable home on the eastside? In real estate, nothing affects price more than location. Here are the current active listings of homes $500,000 and less for cities on the eastside. The availability increases the further you go out from the downtown areas.  Bellevue: http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=2568048XQTcH&p=DE-42514003-435   Stats:  16 active listings, 50 cummulative days on market (CDOM), […]
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Uncategorized Local Real Estate Market Predictions for 2014 We're well into 2014 and the real estate market is off to a great start. Now that the holidays and Superbowl celebrations are behind us, more people are starting to think about buying and selling homes again. Matthew Gardner, of Gardner Economics, recently gave a presentation with his predictions for the coming year for our area. […]
Uncategorized Why use a Windermere agent? What’s one thing that sets Windermere agents apart from the general population of real estate agents? For one thing, all Windermere agents follow the National Association of REALTORS® strict code of ethics that is based in professionalism and consumer protection. To further reinforce our commitment to clients, Windermere has built upon the REALTOR® Code of […]
Uncategorized The Spring District is Coming to Bellevue The Spring District is a new mixed-use development east of Downtown Bellevue. Construction began last year.  This will be an amazing addition to the community – residential, retail, offices, parks, and a Sound Transit light rail station. When finished (in approximately 15 years) the site will cover 16 city blocks. The first phase of the […]
Uncategorized What is title insurance and why do I need it? One of the many questions buyers often have is about title insurance. Here’s a great overview from CW Title, one of our wonderful resources:  Title insurance is an insurance product that protects an insured owner (or lender) against various adverse claims, encumbrances, and defects against title to real property. When a request for title insurance is […]
Uncategorized Home Projects – New Front Door There are many home projects you can do that will increase the resale value of your home. One with a big impact is your front door and entry. The first impression you create to a potential buyer will flavor their whole perception of your home. That's why "curb appeal" is so often mentioned as a […]
Uncategorized Seattle Market Update from the Seattle Times This is a great synopsis of what's happening in the general Seattle market. The real estate news is near the bottom.  http://www.cwtitle.net/files/SeattleMarketReview0913.pdf
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Uncategorized E-appealing Your Property Tax Valuation You may have recently received a little, white post card in the mail from the King County Assessor’s office: OFFICIAL PROPERTY TAX NOTICE.  Were you shocked at the new value? After declining for several years, values are now increasing, a reflection of what’s happening in the market. Property tax valuations typically lag behind the market […]
Uncategorized We need houses! If you've been paying attention to the local and national real estate news, you'll know that there is a very low number of houses on the market for sale. And this is pushing prices up – yeah for sellers! Why is now a good time to list your house?  Here's a great video from the […]
Uncategorized Home Projects – Right Tree, Wrong Place? When our aunt gave us a cute little Japanese maple, we had no idea of what it would grow up to be. So we tucked it in the planting bed outside our dining room. Years later, with it's top branches brushing the eaves it had definitely outgrown its space! Procrastinators that we are, it took […]
Uncategorized What’s going on with the real estate market? Are you looking for a house to buy? So are a lot of other people! And they are scrambling to find something. Personally, we’re seeing multiple offers, offers over list price, offers with buyer concessions (such as no inspection), and cash offers – usually within a few days of listing. Crazy!  On March 5th, the […]
Uncategorized FHA vs. Conventional Financing This is great information on choosing between conventional or FHA financing, provided by Julie Hirsch with Sterling Bank. If you're shopping for a loan, it's a good idea to investigate all your options. "Over the last five years, we have seen some shifting whether it makes more sense to go Conventional or FHA.   From the […]
Uncategorized Looking into the Crystal Ball We had a great real estate year in 2012 with an increase in the number of sales and  rising prices. What's going to happen in 2013?  Matthew Gardner is a wonderful resource for real estate economic news.  Check out his predictions:   2013: Another Good Year for Housing by Matthew Gardner Want to see what's […]
Uncategorized Happy Holidays   Target Kids Shopping Day Every year, the owners of our office (and several other Windermere offices) sponsor a holiday benefit for local kids that might not have enough resources to buy their family gifts. Agents and staff from the offices meet at 8:00am on a Saturday in early December at the Factoria Target store. […]
Uncategorized Home Projects Interested in recylced or reusable building products? Try these spots: Habitat for Humanity Store Second Use The RE Store Earthwise Architectural Salvage  
Uncategorized Get your calendars out and start planning for the holidays! Ready? It's almost time to get really busy. Just don't forget to pause occasionally, take a deep breath, and count your blessings. Listed below are links for several eastside communities holiday events and calendars. Enjoy!   Auburn Veterans Day Parade Redmond Centennial Celebration Issaquah Events Bellevue Holiday Guide Seattle Holiday Event Calendar Wildlights at Woodland […]
Uncategorized Home Projects   Everyone has them – those projects around the house that just never quite seem to get finished. Well, we joke that we live in the land of unfinished projects. We did a major remodel about 10 years ago (added about 300 sq. ft., redid all the bathrooms, added a bedroom) and somehow several items […]
Uncategorized My house is on the market, can I still decorate? If your home is on the market during the holidays, you might wonder if it's appropriate to still put up holiday decorations. As long as they are not overwhelming (think Addams Family ghoulish or the Griswold's Christmas light extravaganza), you should feel comfortable decorating as you like. You can think of it as temporary staging for […]
Uncategorized Fall is here! Time to get ready for winter.   The leaves are falling, the rain is here and it's time to get some of those winter-prep tasks done. This is a good article on some basics to take care of soon from Kiplinger.  Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Checklist