Uncategorized March 6, 2013

What’s going on with the real estate market?

Are you looking for a house to buy? So are a lot of other people! And they are scrambling to find something. Personally, we’re seeing multiple offers, offers over list price, offers with buyer concessions (such as no inspection), and cash offers – usually within a few days of listing. Crazy! 

On March 5th, the Northwest Multiple Listing Service published the current stats for residential home sales in February and the numbers showService published the current stats for residential home sales nd something to buy. On March 5th prices up and inventories continuing to shrink. Check out the Seattle Times article here.

For more in-depth number crunching of the stats, check out Seattle Bubble’s analysis here.

Case Shiller also reported national stats recently for 2012 here.

So, the real estate market is looking up, both nationally and locally. Anyone thinking of selling? This is a very good time to do it!