Uncategorized December 8, 2014

Looking for a home under $500,000 on the Eastside?

Looking for an affordable home on the eastside? In real estate, nothing affects price more than location. Here are the current active listings of homes $500,000 and less for cities on the eastside. The availability increases the further you go out from the downtown areas. 

Bellevue: http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=2568048XQTcH&p=DE-42514003-435

  Stats:  16 active listings, 50 cummulative days on market (CDOM), average price per square foot of $297.13

Kirkland: http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=2568048XQTcH&p=DE-42514208-51

  Stats:  43 active listings, 77 CDOM, Avg. SF price of $253.85

Redmond: http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=2568048XQTcH&p=DE-42514196-306

  Stats:  26 active listings, 43 CDOM, Avg. SF price of $251.60

Issaquah/Sammamish: http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=2568048XQTcH&p=DE-42514289-701

  Stats:  37 active listings, 87 CDOM, Avg. SF price of $248.59