Uncategorized Potting Benches and Garden Tools Here are some great ideas for organizing your garden tools, pots, soil and everything that seems to pile up in the corner of the garage – at least that's what happens at our house. Where did that weed puller go? From Martha Stewart and Home Depot, a great way to quickly get your tools organized: […]
Uncategorized How does an irrigation system work? Here's a very nice explanation of how an irrigation system works from Rainbird. Who needs an irrigation system in the rainy Northwest, you might say? Pretty much anyone who wants a green lawn and non-stressed plants at the end of September – unless you're really into dragging hoses and sprinklers around your yard. Did you know the […]
Uncategorized Online Marketing Tips for Sellers Selling a home is always an important task that has a lot of risks and rewards involved with it. With more than 89% of home buyers using the internet to do research and look at homes, the online marketing of homes for sale is critical. In this article we will look at the 3 most […]
Uncategorized If you can smell it….. As most Americans do, we recently took a family vacation. It wasn’t a long trip – just enough to make it feel good to be home again. As we opened the door and entered our house after our absence, we were struck by that familiar scent of “home.” Every house has one, you just get […]
Uncategorized Inspection or Appraisal – What’s the diff? Inspection or Appraisal – These two terms may be a bit confusing so we thought we’d explain these different events. Both are very important in a real estate transaction, but serve different purposes. An inspection is performed by a private home inspection company hired by the buyer. The purpose is to investigate the home and […]
Uncategorized Tips on Moving from Moving Link As Windermere agents, we have a great resource in a company called Moving Link. They will meet with you and provide a free consultation about your move, including storage options. Here’s some tips from Rick Harper – thanks, Rick! Want to save money on your move? Do it yourself Plan A – Rental Truck, beverages, […]
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