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Tips on Moving from Moving Link

As Windermere agents, we have a great resource in a company called Moving Link. They will meet with you and provide a free consultation about your move, including storage options. Here’s some tips from Rick Harper – thanks, Rick!
Want to save money on your move?

Do it yourself

Plan A – Rental Truck, beverages, and pizza go a long way and is the most cost effective way I know to move. Now, if you’re older like me – oh, my back, my knees, my friends are all old, my kids either live out of town or can’t afford to take time off work to help, Plan A won’t work. So, plan B, you’re thinking is to rent a truck and hire some experienced people to help. The cost of your plan B won’t be much different from hiring a professional permitted mover in a competitive situation and is a lot less stressful.


The more you pack the less the mover will charge you. Couple of thoughts: Start packing the non-breakable items first and if you run out of time, use the movers for the breakable items. It is pretty hard to break a box of books or linens! On a local move you will save time and money by “staging” your home for the mover. I know, I know, after listing your home for sale, the word staging isn’t a fun word, but it can save you money.


When packing, use the 3 second rule: If you hold something in your hand for 3 seconds or longer trying to decide if it should go in the move or not – you DO NOT need it!! Less to move… Less it will cost! – have I already mentioned the word purge? On a local move consider using the mover to move only the big items and you move all of the boxes and smaller items.


There is a fine line between getting the highest quality at the most competitive price! Make sure you DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!     www.thebbb.org;    www.utc.wa.gov;    www.wmcmovers.com


Self Storage? Portable Storage? Mover’s Storage? What kind of storage is the most cost effective for you? How long will you be in storage? Look at your total cost not just 1 month of storage. What will it cost you to go into storage? Do you need access while it is storage? Is it important to your to maintain continuity in responsibility for potential damage? Answering those questions will guide you in the direction in which you need to head

Bottom-line… the more you do – the less your move will cost.

Rick Harper. President
Moving Link